i love katie supremelaxbro shes a cute princess

ben hotclog is my #1

audrey publicwifi is totally tubular

PHAT phatticuss is my mama croc

lamest tab open tbh

Can you link your faq?



if i have to text you first every single time then we aint gonna text ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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it’s 2014 and teeth still don’t brush themselves what’s this shit

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im craving asparagus wtf is wrong with me

it’s better than craving for her to love me back

i dont know what to say im sorry

i wish people would quit asking you about ben

i dont care tbh. im pretty open abt my life its just annoying when im asked the same questions

have you dated a girl too?

yeah in eighth grade i think?? we’re still super close friends

Hey you're a boy are dicks soft and moisturized bc of the lotion you use to masturbate? I don't have a dick and I want answers.


are you and ben still on good terms tho?

yeah!!! i need time before i can like talk 2 him much just to get over it u know but i mean he said he still wanted to be friends so yea

I really want to become a whore, but I don't think I'm pretty enough. Advice?

i actually dont know like… what a whore is…. i know its a slur for ppl who have lots of sex but is it like an occupation? il dumb sorry

thats good that looks aren't everything to you :) but just curious, would you rather someone hot, or cute? of any gender i mean,

idk i think itd be best to look hot and act cute so a mix of both


american horror story: my life